Betelnut Metal RepousseandChassing Wire Art
Betelnut Carving

Betelnut | Hindi – सुपारी | Botanical - Areca nut  - Betelnut Carving is extremely intricate and complex craft form which needs exceptional level of perfection to create magnificent artifacts. The carving process starts with imagining the structure which has to be created using multiple pieces of finely carved Betelnut Pieces. Each artifact will be made up of multiple pieces of betelnuts joined together. Each such piece would be distinguished with respect its size and curves. A final compilation of various such pieces purposefully worked over would find its destined shape. Each piece of the artifact has to be imagined well and per the requirement a whole betelnuts will be chosen to get the desired shape. Working over these raw and soft betelnuts pieces required expertise to handle the process as the betel nut breaks instantly if not handled with utmost care and diligence.

This ancient carving technique is now currently practiced in the State of Madhya Pradesh, India now is on the verge of being extinct. Only very few Artisans Families residing in a small town situated around 500 kilometers away from the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India now is practicing this Art Form.

We @ Komoli have been working with a couple of artisan’s family who practice this astonishing art form and have been helping them to source more business for them. This is perhaps a small contribution from our side to keep the art form alive for years to come and keep the artisans involved in a gainful employment. If you like the creative work depicted here and has any comments about it, please do write to us at There are many more designs & styles of articraft is available here which are not displayed here. Please do write to us if you wish to see some more of this fascinating art form.

Betelnut Carving

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